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Call: 020 4531 6924 Stratford Shopping Centre



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About Us

Our journey began from Dalston, Junction House 5 years ago with a simple yet determined dream to create a brand that brings happiness, satisfaction and smiles to our valued costumers.

Over the years we successfully realised this dream by making Kakki Katsu a favourite destination for real and tasty Japanese food. We are committed to deliver the finest quality food you can trust at Kakki Katsu.

At Kakki Katsu, we believe that great food and a greener world go hand in hand. That’s why we use eco-friendly packaging for all of our delicious dishes. Savor the exotic flavors and savor the sweet taste of sustainability. 

No more plastic waste – just fantastic food and a healthier planet! Join us on our journey to a greener future. 

Good food and good vibes are always on the menu!

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Finest food that brings happiness, satisfaction and smiles to our valued costumers.

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